Jobs billing setup

Good day,

I have a problem with a configuration and I can’t find any documentation about it.

When making sales invoices the configuration is correct. Each of the lines of the invoice affects different GL accounts based on their GEN. PG.

But when creating the invoices from jobs, all these accounts are not affected, the lines are added together and they are charged as one. The invoice is correct but not the movements in the GL entries and the journal like normal sales invoices.


Sales invoice (Correct)
account 101053042 -$100
account 101053041 -$200
account 10105303 -$300
account 101021 $600

Same invoice lines but, invoicing from a job
account 101021 $600
account 1010503 -$60

I do not know if there is a check or configuration issue that I could not find.
Apparently, these items in jobs are not discounted from inventory. Could that be?

I really appreciate your help


Question - When you created the Sales Invoice did you do this from the Planning Lines? In other words, In the Job Task Lines window, click Edit Planning Lines. Select one of the lines of the Contract or Both Schedule and Contract lines type and click Actions > Functions > Get Sales Invoice/Credit Memo to retrieve the recently created invoice. Only the job planning lines of type Contract and Both Schedule and Contract have been transferred to the invoice.

The image above I have resources, Item, and G/L Account Types which will post to their respective G/L Accounts, for Resource and Item, based on the General Posting Setup. Can you explain your process.

Hope this helps. If you need more information please write back and I can send over my manuals on Jobs.