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Hi Forum,

I have a transaction which am not able to map in NAV. The Transaction is let us suppose am sending item A outside for some processing and getting item B back, for doing this process it wll charge some cost which i have to include in the item cost of item B and pay the charges to vendor.

In this transaction the On-Hand of Item A will reduce and inventory of Item B will increase.The process fee which am paying to vendor i have to deduct TDS or even service tax and pay the remaining to vendor… The above trasaction will occur in different combinations like sending multiple items and receiving single item and vice versa… So how can i handle this…

waiting for immediate reply… Thanks in Advance…

Regards Satya

Hi Satya,

well, many years ago I cam accross a similar thing … I try to recall how we managed it …

Consider item “A” as part of item “B”, thus item “B” is a “bill-of-material” (BOM) of “A” and maybe some “Resources” (Machine or Human, the charge included in “B”)

Create a “Purchase Order” with a negative “Quantity” about item “A”; for example: Item “A”, Quantity - 1, Price 10, Amount = - 10

When posting this “negative Purchase Order” (Shipment only) you actually ship to the vendor, the inventory of “A” is decreased.

Once you receive item “B” back from your vendor, add a new line to this PO with a positive “Quantity”; for example: Item “B”, Quantity + 1, Price 10, Amount = + 10

Posting this delivery (Shipment only) will increase the inventory of item “B”.

Additionally you could add any costs etc. your supplier charges; for example: G/L Account Service, Quantity + 1, Price 5 = Amount + 5

When posting the final invoice everything should be correct: Item “A” (-10) + Item “B” (+10) + “Service” (5) = 5; thus you actually pay just the service charge to your vendor.

Well, I hope I did not forget too much about this process, but that was actually the basic idea about that … maybe it could help you a little …



Thanks Jorg,

But i want to allocate the service cost or process cost to the incoming item i.e. item B so how can i do this and even i have to pay service tax on the process cost… how can i configure this…

Whether the subcontracting concept can be used in this scenario…

Waiting for ur reply