Job Work Transactions in AX2009


This is related to Job Work Transactions -

Material will be received from Third Party for rework/replace. Stock will get up/add in my warehouse. I will return back same material with referance to received transaction. Stock will get deduct/minus from my warehouse. Is this possible in AX 2009? Please help!

Yes, the receipt will be from a purchase order as will the return. Stock is consumed from the warehouse as standard.

Yes, I know that this I can do transaction through purchase order. But what about sending out with same purchase order no’s referance. I want to do complete cycle/flow with same referance no from start to end (ie receiving and sending back to party). for ex. Supplier will give me materail. This will receive at my end and stock will get up at my end. This is job work for me. I will do job work on that material and I will send out material back to the vendor with same referance no (which is received at my end). Stock will get deduct from my end. I will charge only for Job Work on that vendor.

Can you help me to perform whole cycle or flow in AX2009.

You can return it on the same purchase order and add miscellaneous charges for credit, the trouble is they are buying a service, so ideally you should raise an invoice for the service and tag it with the PO, look in some of these areas, without defining the business flow and having the details or why and what it is difficult to comment, we just keep pulling string - define a process then ask a quaestion where it is wrong!