Job work prices

Dear all!!!

I would like to know in navision like we add purchase prices on item card, can I add job work charges in the system in the same way.

whenever the transfer order is made it automatically flows the price to transfer price in TO.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Yuneek,


I assume by adding charges, then you refer to the item charges, you can use for freight etc.? And now you want to add “job work charges”, which I assume are resource / employee costs?

Out of the box then it is not possible to do that, at least not when you talk about the same item no. Only item charges can be added this way.

If you instead look at it from a different angle and if the “transfer step” is required, then you could also say that you “produce” the item. So the transfer is just like a routing step? But this value adding step is of course “changing” the item no. from one to another.