Job Scheduling - work center group


So what did you do?

Did you think about asking Microsoft for assistance?


I answered this is a different way, exactly the same question but a different poster, but no response. [:D]

Why do you want 4 jobs for the dough? dough is dough you cannot track it in reality because of where it goes. In most bakery industries it would be the mixing capacity which would drive the number of jobs and not the number of jobs that drive the mix. So you have a mixing capacity of 20kg then 30 kg is useless, likewise bacuse of yield if the capacity was 30kg they may chose 30kg. Anyway set the max to 30kg and it will produce the 4 jobs for you.

You cannot get the system to dynamically plan to a different work centre unless it is finite within the same group, but finite never really works (and has not been resolved in AX2012) the issue is with the system being limited to a lookup of 32 work centres across the entire route - this is all possible work centres, so if you have a group on the first operation with 40 work centres you already have an issue, if you have 4 steps and 4 groups with 8 in each this is your limit even with task groups. The issue is the finite loops and starts inserting gaps and pushing it out. Anyway depends upon the actual requirement, but finite does not work in my opinion, so you cannot get it to plan across multiple resources within the same group.

Thanks for your reply.

My issue is concerned with a number of looms that I have under the one group. All are Finite. Every job I process is allocated to the first loom in the group. Even although there is earlier capacity on all the other looms. Is the issue caused by the number of Work Centres being greater than 32 - which I could probably reduce or is the issue I’m experiencing more fundemental and we are saying Dynamics AX cannot support this requirement? This would be a blow but I’m sure I’ll be able to work round it.


Hi Liam,

Since I didnt see any possibility of doing it, I worked around through it by creating a report and then assigning jobs manually to work centers.

No, I didnt think about approaching microsoft seeking a solution as the above solution served our purpose.

Hi Liam

There is a finite scheduling flag on the scheduling process itself - I presume this is ticked? The rest relates to the rest of your setup.

There are differences in requirements here, one is finite related, the one is auto scheduling jobs of mixed amounts across different resources with the same route.

Hi Jyothi,

I think by keeping capacities of all work centers same of highest Quantity and changing there efficiency’s we can vary the scheduling.

I am facing same problem.

System either allocate on one resource .

If you want to distribute load on resources then need to do following setting

On route mention resource requirement quantity.

Route setup : Use capacity (remove standard)

now system will allocate on all the resources as per mentioned on route

Hi Jyoti ,

Your Scenario is very common but this is constraint of AX .

Just change Resource requirement -2 and Loading 50 on Production route.

Here system will consider two resources but as per capacity 3kg/day only not as per individual resource .

This is bug of AX