JOB Scheduling in Microsoft Dynamics AX

This is a question regarding Dynamic Ax job scheduling .

As per the std Axapta there should not be more than 32 work centres in a work centre group. Also while JOB scheduling the system checks that the number of work centres ( the primary defined at route + alternative work centres defined at the Task group attached to the route ) should not exceed 32. If so, the system does not check for the best work centre for scheduling and schedules the prod.order at the work centres it finds in the primary work centre group ( PMCG) in the seq. ( e.g if work centre qty is 3 in the prod. route then it will take the first 3 work centres in the PMCG work group) without checking if the other work centre are available or not. This results that the prod orders are always planned on the first 3 work centres in the work centre group.

We have a situation that we have to configure and schedule production on 150 work centres ( all identical in capacity ) .

Pls help .