Job Scheduler vs Server...

hi everybody i begin to study navision 4.0… now i’m trying to obtain more informations about Job scheduler… so, the question is could Server run Job Scheduler? IF it can THEN what shall i to do? how Server reply to pop up? ELSE are there other solutions? [:D] thanks,

I did write my own Job Scheduler. At least that one works and I know what it is doing. [:D] All you need for that is the Navision Timer Automation Server, a single instance codeunit and a table to hold your jobs.

Aaah, I forgot to answer the second part of your question. You can then run that CU through the NASHandler Function in CU 1. When starting the NAS you need to pass a parameter which you look for in the NASHandler. When the parameter is found you just run the CU.

ExpandIT has a scheduler that you could purchase, but as Thomas said, it’s not difficult to write your own.