Job Scheduler issues in NAV 2009


I am facing one stange issue in Navision 2009 Job schdeular

Created one report for importing data in table via text file and specified path in the report for picking up the file

Path set in the file initially to R:\fiiename.txt where R:\ is mapped drive

After that we changed the path of the file to C:\file name .txt where C:\ drive is lcoal

When run report manually it works fine but when we schedule the report in Job scheduler the job scheduler show error that file not found in in R:\ but we set the path in the report to look file in C:\

Could not understand why the scheduler looking file in R:\ drive even when we specified the path to C:\

Anybody have idea how to resolve this error ?


Hi Amol,

If you change the path in your code,then You must restart the NAS service to take the new effects.

So. restart the service and this will work.