Job Scheduler and permissions

Hello guys,

I have "Super "role and I have enabled “Job Scheduler” to my account
I can see “Scheduler Jobs” list, however I can not edit it or create new job.
Trying to to modify existing entries I can do it from form(Shift + F5), change object id, name and etc, but not to create or delete.

Where can be problem? SQL permissions to “Job Scheduler steup” table?

Hi tom

u can’t edit or delete the records in a list form (its a non editable form), however u can change, create or delete the records in the card form. u said that system allows the modifications but doesnt allow u to create or delete…

so i think there is nothng wrong with the permissions… just go through the form properties (Insertion allowed & Delete allowed).



It seems that you are right Ravi.
It’s not editable directly from form. Only when you enter to entry(shift+f5) jo can edit job parameters or delete(f4 or Edit->Delete)