Job Queue - NAV 2016

1Hi Folks -

In my Job queue I have 2 entries like below.

Code Description Last Heartbeat Started Start Automatically From NAS

NOTIFY Notification Job Queue 09/12/17 9:02AM True True

REPORT Report Job Queue Blank False True

NAS is running but for some reason the REPORT line does not have Last Heartbeat and is not starting, even I started the NASSERVICE it runs for a while and again stops but the NOTIFY works just fine.

Any Ideas why the REPORT job queue does not start when NAS is running.

Any help is highly appreciated.


Hi Sbhatbng,
Did you find a solution this? Very interested in hearing what was wrong.

Hi Erik -

Yes, thanks to the event viewer which helped me resolve this issue. On the Job queue entry card there is a field No. of minutes between run, one of the user was smart and entered 43800 and also had the Recurring tab fields turned on viz Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday till Friday thinking that he could schedule the report monthly. What happens is in Codeunit Job queue dispatcher there is a function CreateRecurringJob in there, there is a code which multiplies 60000(milliseconds) * No. of minutes between run which in this user case it was 43800 * 60000 and if you do the calculation it goes exponential and since it’s a job queue process it does not error out and it just kills the Job queue. As soon as I removed the entry from Job queue entry the heartbeat came back and then I went to the event viewer and reviewed the issue it showed me the function in job queue dispatcher.

It’s a bug in Job queue wherein NAV should not allow the user to enter some random no. in the field No. of between runs as it can completely stop the Job queue without letting the user, its like a silent killer behind the scene.

Hi Harikiran -

All the above points were considered but something should be done on the field No. of minutes between run because it allows user to enter any no. and without doing proper calculations of time if you enter a no. the Job queue will just be killed. User will come to know only when their scheduled report does not run on time.