Job Planning Lines to Production Order: No reservations

I’m using order planning to create purchase and production orders based on demand from job planning lines. The items in the job plan are all set to Reserve=Always.

The first part of this flow is calculating the plan in order planning. Here the result of the planning is that the lines are correctly marked with “Reserve”.

But when executing the planning lines, then the production orders created as the result are NOT reserved against the job planning lines.

Technically then the work is done using codeunit 99000813 (Carry Out Action).

I’m also able to see why the Reservation Entries are not created.

When the production lines are inserted, then the VerifyQuantity function in CU 99000837 prevents the reservations from being created, with this statement in the top of the function:


The Blocked variable is set by the Carry out Action codeunit with a BlockDynamicTracking(TRUE) call.

The big question is WHY is this Blocking set? Or rather, why is it not creating reservations?

The question is about NAV 2018.

I can add that if I’m instead uses Planning Worksheet (99000852), then the reservations are created correctly. Just not when using Order Planning.