Job Module in Dynamics NAV 5.0

I have heard some rumours about the Job Module and Dynamics NAV 5.0.

This often forgotten module should have received a long due make over! Basically this module has not been updated since version 3.01 of the DOS version that came out in 1989 (that’s the oldest version I know in details!).

But does anyone know what changes are planned?

I have heard that rumor for a looong time - but never actually seen anything :frowning:

Anyhow, I have a loooot of ideas, if MS are interested…

These rumours are active from the ages ago when v4.0 was in project stage. Even on partner meetings we were told that there would be serious changes & improvements, just wait for the new versionn and you will see…

As Jobs (and Resources) are in so, lets say, embrional state, out there exists a heap of customizations extending the functionality, BUT based on original Jobs - what will happen to all theese is a matter Im worrying about, because Ive a strong feeling that when MS will at last do some improvements, itll be something completely new from ground up, or maybe migration of AX`s project management?

This is purely opinion, but I don’t think they will touch the job module. they haven’t yet in almost 20 years and other platforms have better job modules then Dynamics Nav, like AX, GP, so I think they will wait till the unified code base (ie Dynamics 6.0) and have the existing job stay as is and add new granuals for a real jobs module.