Job Ledg. Unit Cost <> Item Ledg. Unit Cost

I have a major average costing/consistency [:(!] that has been happening from 2.01b through 3.60. If someone can help me understand that maybe my expectations are inappropriate, I would be more than willing to listen and learn [8)]. June 01 - I create but don’t post a Job Journal Line for the usage of an Item. The unit cost is on the Job Line as $10.00 June 15 - The average cost of that Item changes to $15.00 June 30 - I finally post that old line without changing anything My hope(s): The reality: - Navision posts the Job Ledger Entry with a Unit Cost of $10 - Navision posts the Item Ledger Entry with Unit Cost of $15 or whatever it is on the day that I’m doing the posting - My CFO finds his subledgers to be conflicting, and hits me with a rubber mallet [B)] My response: - I tell him to run the Periodic Activities / Adjust Cost- Item Entries, etc. - It doesn’t work, I look like a [:o)], and the CFO hits me with a another mallet [:p] What’s the deal!? [:(] Thanks, 'Bert

Good question! But that’s how it works.[xx(] The same happens is you post a sales-invoice: the cost from salesline will be base for the cust.ledger-entry’s Profit, but the itemledger-entry will [probably] tell another story. What’s the deal? Beats me!

Hi, Have a look at this thread, Lars comes up with a good solution, however it is a customization! Regards Jon

Okay, so I’m not crazy [:p]. I checked out the customization you’re referring to, and I guess it will address the problem (albeit after the fact)… …but it really seems like Navision would go through the effort one time to fix what I still think is a huge fundamental issue of their subledgers not balancing. It’s rather [}:)] of them to have [probably] several of their customers pay for the fix independently many times over, contributing to Navision’s profit. [:(!] I guess I was secretly hoping that there was some reason, patently obvious to everyone but me, that item usage in the Item and Job ledgers doesn’t need to be consistent. Any thoughts on that, or should I just face the cold harsh reality that I’m behind the [8] and pony up to the work order? [:(]