Job costs traking

We want to do the following things: - Do some work at a customer site who has bought a bank hours ( i.e: 5000$) - Buy pieces that will be used at that client site and invoice the client by reducing his account ( i.e 1000$ on that total of 5000$) - apply warranty to the PO ( if required) when pieces needed to be returned to the supplier. How is it possible to do that in Attain 3.01. Thanks.

Rosine, Resource and Job cosing modules seem like a good place to start, but you should explore a few things before diving in: 1. “Bank of hours” - I assume you are talking about a pre-paid services and consumption of costs against the prepayment. There is no function in the standard system that would do proper GAAP compliant accounting, and it needs to be developed. 2. Work in progress accounting, billing - standard functions are kind of weak, so depending on what your financials should look like, you may need to re-design links between Jobs and GL 3. Itemized billing issue - standard system can do a lump-sum billing only. An Itemized billing will have to be developed. There are bunch of other shortcomings, but these seem to be the ones you are going to face if you use NAvision Jobs. Hope that helps. Alex