Job Costing & Item Charge

Hi everybody,

We are running on Nav 4.0 SP2.

We have a problem with the job ledger and item costing. Our transaction flow is;

  1. Post the purchase invoice and receipts for one item.

qty = 100 ea and the unit cost =10 for this transaction

  1. Then, enter a consumption record from job journals and post this transaction.

qty = 20 and the total amount that will be recorded in job ledger is 200 for this transaction

  1. Enter a item charge invoice for the receipt that has been done in first step.

Total amount for this invoice is 100

  1. After the third step item unit average cost on the item card changed to 11.

But, job ledger record for the 20 ea that has been consumed for the project in the second step is still 20 X 10 = 200. I mean, if you enter any item charge cost after the consumption for the jobs, this item charge does not reflects to job ledger entries.

Is there any idea or solution to solve this situation…

Thanks in advance,

Dincer Aktepe

This is basically how Navision has worked since the DOS version days. There has never been any link between item costing and Jobs.

It does look like this has changed in 5.00 but I have not confirmed that yet.