Job - Consumption

Hi All,

in normal trading flow, we post sales shipment to ship item to customer. for job, is it job journal and job G/L journal the only way to consume item, resource, g/l?

Can we to link sales order with the job just like we can link sales invoice with job?

For a job, there are many miscellaneous items, instead of input one by one in the job planning line, can we create a dummy item for this purpose? And in what case should we use such dummy item. for example, if there is no inventory qty monitoring needed, no item no creation in NAV, no need to check details movement, then we can use dummy. right?

Moreover, what is the different between Job journal and Job G/L journal. in MS website, it said that the G/L journal will have G/L effect. However, when i post Job Journal with item, it seems that system also post the cost to G/L. can anyone help to explain?

In additional, can anyone explain the cost allocation principle for a project? for standard trading, the cost will be reflect when we sold the item. however, for a job, when will cost occur? if it also occur when we ship item to customer, can we divide the cost by the project period? for example, we have shipped a machine (cost $12000) to customer on 1/1 for a project last 12 month. then, can we split this cost into 12 month so we will not have large cost on 1/1 while no cost for remaining month. is such compliance with the accounting principle?

Thank you very much.