Job & Concrete Based Precast Manufacturing Solution in AX?

Dear All,

Our Organization and both are legal entities, RAKPRECAST is Concrete Based Precast Manufacturing Job tailored Industry where as Towerstech is turn key construction contracting company both are in Dubai.

Both have their own legacy software and rakprecast have even source code (VB6), working with rakprecast over last 3 years as functional and technical both. However soon I realized as Organizations is growing complexity is growing in accounting & payroll , so suggested to move to Standard ERP and as per budget (100 thousand -200 thousand Dollar) Dynamics AX is fit for us.

We started evaluating regional certified partners but it seems to be there is no out of the box solution for our Rakprecast company type.

So I come with an Idea that for both companies as phase 1 we will go for Finance, Basic Sales, Estimation, HR-Payroll & Supply chain (or Procurement, Stores & cost control) for both companies.

And the thing left is RAKPRECAST’s operations part (phase 2) : Engineering (Feeding CAD drawings and each product dimensions in system), Planning (daily scheduling each product to be casted at which location,planning of arranging stock yard for storage & planning products deliveries ), Production (Daily printing Schedule, entering concrete consumption against each product & Job No as per recipe defined in master), QC stages in parallel, Logistics (Supply of Products to client and in house Garage),

All these Operations is handled well in in house made ERP customized one. And we can import Job based cost posting back into Dynamics AX.

Of course after phase 1 we will move entirely to Dynamics AX slowly as per evolution.

All I am asking is this the right approach or is there good alternative way.

Our Organization finalized product AX and yet finalizing regional partner is still under process.

Any other clarification please feel free to ask.

Really you need to decide a regional partner and discuss the approach with them. There needs to be some analysis undertaken on what processes are needed and how to interface temporarily and whether you can split phase successfully. Nothing looks wrong with your split, assuming you have covered off what is needed prior to phase 2 from processing, reporting, finance etc.

Thanks Adam, sorry for late reply, actually took sometime to convince our Management however finally went ahead with local partner with the plan to implement: Finance, HR & Payroll (regional customized), Procurement, Stores, Project Accounting, Production & logistics Integration with our legacy ERP.

Now completed FRD and on going task is UAT. Plan to go live is by Dec 2015.

Based on your reference showed Management a printed copy of this forum post, this added value.