Job Cards and Clocking


First let me say i am new to using this forum so if I am posting my question in the wrong section please let me know.

We are using Dynamics AX 2009. Today we discovered and issue on a PD order we have never seen before. It is a bit confusing so I will do my best to describe what is happening.

An operator clocked into the setup job and clocked off when he was complete with the setup job went on to the process job. This is how all of our jobs are clocked.

When I review route transactions from PD Order>Route>Inquires>Route Transactions or PD Order>Jobs>Inquiries>Route Transactions I see a record (record 1) for the time the operator was clocked on the job. However, I also see a random record (record 2) that shows an additional 4 hours clocked time. Record 2 has a clocked time that starts at the same time as record 1 but end 4 hours later. If I look at the time records for the process step I see it starts immediately after record 1 was ended, and the time records in the process step overlap with the times on record 2, I am not sure where record 2 came from?

Record 1 on the setup job ends at 8:46:39 and the record on the process job starts at 8:46:57

When I go to PD Order>Journals>Job Card I see a job card posted for both record 1 and record 2.

The odd thing here is when I go to Production>Common Forms>Clock in Clock out and I search for the PD clocking records, I only see a clocking record for the hours showing in record 2. I do not see a clocking record for the hours in record 1. Record 1 is what the operator actually clocked on the job.

Our system is setup so an operator can only be clocked on 1 job at a time.

Can anyone shed some light on why this may be happening or what may have caused this? Please let me know what additional information you may need.