Job card posting failed due to the financial dimensions

i got the following error when i post the job card journal, according to the information i know that the Job journal voucher cannot be post because of lacking of financial information.


i check the main account that is related to the “Resource”, “Resource Group”, “Cost Categories”, but i cannot find the main account list above “600520”, “999999”.

is there anywhere the main account is related to the Job card journal voucher ?

many thanks.

Its the account structure configuration setting which is restricting to post the journal. You could supply the needed dimensions or change the Account structure to accept empty values. The check-box Allow blanks would let you do that.

Hi Kiran,

I would like to know where the account is configured, then i know where the job card voucher is posted.

It depends based on the ledger setup. Like for example Item and Category then it checks for Cost Categories & Item Production posting setup etc…

Hi Jian,

I think you have checked everywhere except one place: In your costing sheet setup.

Go to Inventory and warehouse management=> Setup=> Costing=> Costing sheets.

Check the fixed cost overhead setup in your costing sheet, on the Posting tab you will have accounts defined for WIP and Costing. This is where the setup could have been.