Jet Reports with Navision

Hi guys! I have been lost from this place but am back. I am considering Jet Reports for one of my clients. I have got a copy of it from jet reports them selves and have my license configured. However, I have so far failed to have JR integrate with my NF such as in the drills. That precisely means I have failed toget an online connection. I use W1 and not US version. Does any one have experience with Jet Reports and Navision. I basically want to be able to give a comprehensive demo of it to my Client. Thanks

Just follow the provided demoscript, with the customer example and you should be in safe haven. Also remember drilldown only works in version 3.xx. You need to have your Attain installed correctly, as it uses the Navision:// hyperlinking method. (you can test this manually, with File->Send->Shortcut to Desktop when you eg. a customer card open - and then close navision and double click the shortcut placed on your desktop.).

Hi Robert, have you configured Jet Reports properly to connect to the Navision DB. You can do this from the Excel menu, use Jet/Options and click the connections tab and fill in all required fields.Once you completed the relevant fields click the ‘test connection’ button. Regards Mike