Jet Reports help please

Hi, can anyone point me in the right direction here please - I’m trying to use the script where the top 10 Items per sales are listed using the following: =NL(“ROWS”,“Item”,“No.”,"-SALES (LCY)","*",“LIMIT=”,10) But then I try to display the Item description but can’t get anything to display ( I use =NF($B3,$D$2) where B3 is equal to the above script and $D$2 is the literal “Description” Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks in advance, Phil.

Phil, Try swithcing your NL function to: =NL(“ROWS”,“Item”,"-SALES (LCY)","*",“LIMIT=”,10) and hide that column. Add a column with a literal “No.” and the formula =NF($B3, C$2). Finally I think the formula for the column with the literal “Description” should be =NF($B3, D$2). I think this should work. Brian