Jet Report

hai all… do you know JET REPORT in microsoft navision?
what is the superior from jet report than the ordinary report we used in NAV?

You can’t compare the two, there really are used for differnt things. You don’t make a decision if you need one or the other in Navision, you need to decide for each report if its better for you to do it in Navision or in Jet Reports.

Jet Rpeorts is an Add-On that allows you to get data into Excel in a very flexible manner. And because it is all run from the Excel side, it is very easy to learn for people that have a good working knowledge of Excel, AND a good structural knowledge of Navision. It is generally loved by accountatns and FDs and CFOs that can just quikcly dive in and grab some “rough numbers” out of Navision. Its only real weakness, is that when reorts get very complex, they can get slow, but when the report starts to get too slow, and you are using it a lot, you then give that report over to a Navision report.