Jet & Navision Company Name

In the Jet report, is there a way to print/display the Navision Company Name that jet is configured to connect to? My users have repeatedly run reports for one company while actually configured in Jet to another comany. There is nothing on the Jet Report that displays what Navision Company the report was run against. We have 2 companies on our production database, and we have a test system with 2 companies (the companies in the test system have been renamed). I tried =NL(,“Company”,“Name”) but that displays only the first record of the Company table, not the company that Jet is configured to connect to. Would also be nice to be able to retreive the server name as well. Thanks Gary

In Excel go to the Jet Reports menu. There you chose ‘Options…’ Second you must select the tab with ‘Connections’ on it. Here you can see the ‘Default Company’ (and select the Default) and the ‘Server Name’. So every time you want a report for the company other than the default, you’ll have to change it.

What I usually do is create connections with a default company, design the reports as generic as possible and change on the Jet\Options\General the default connection whenever I want to change companies. This automatically let the statement =NL(“Rows”;“Company Information”;“Name”) return the company you’re working in.

I figured it out. Not elegant, but it works. =LEFT(NL(,“Navision Server”,),FIND("""",NL(,“Navision Server”,),2)) I have put this in the header of my report so when I run the report, I know which Navision database and company I have Jet configured to connect to. Hope it helps someone avoid the confusion I ran into. Gary

mvagh I can’t get your script to work. I had to change the ; to , Then it returns a company that I am not connected to nor in the db that I am connected to. It is a company in the OTHER db. Might it be that I’m on ver 2.6? Gary