Jaffa Cakes............

You lost 1 - 0…nevermind… can’t believe you haven’t heard of Hershey bars…maybe i dreamt them up… NSC stands for Navision Solution Centre which is the term given to any of the companies which develop software using Navision and have qualified NCR’s (Navision Certified Representatives)… I have been working with Navision for a year now… it’s not too difficult to pick up but a conversion from 2.6 to Attain does not sound like fun…especially not if you’re just beginning either… Microsoft have just bought Navision… you probably already knew that… Think you’re the only female navision developer in the world… no joke!

Umm… She’s not a developer, she’s Management.

What are you Bara some sort of stalker… now get back to work… I can see you… You’ve been working on that Case Formation activity for ages!!! In case you’re worried i do know Kristian Bara, and I’m not just being harsh!

I’ve heard of Hersey bars, not cookies and cream ones, though. But they sound good. Yes…I’m a “Project Manager”. I’ve done conversions with other software at other companies…but this is new. I like Navision, it seems to be okay. There are a lot of women who do support, etc. in the software world in the US, but you’re right…Navision seems to be a manly sort of software!!! What makes it most interesting is the fact that it’s used around the world, and I get to see posts from people all over the place. Most interesting.

Project Management… god you should meet our project manager… He is mad!! A good guy though… Feel free to send Hersey bars to us over here!! Please tell me you didn’t vote for Bush!!

This is all very well Debbie, but you still haven’t cast your vote on the great Jaffa cake / biscuit debate! By the way, the other NSC on our little island has two female developers

Cake! Cake! Cake! -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited www.cambridgeonline.net

I DID NOT VOTE FOR BUSH!!! I lost my last post…so if this shows up twice, disregard. Anyway, as George would say, “God Bless Umerica”, eewww. I hate the way he says “Umerica”. He’s the first president that makes me feel like I could be president, cuz even I could give the bad speeches he gives. Kristian, I’m not knowledgeable enough about biscuits. A biscuit isn’t even a biscuit over here. We were always wondering about the proper names for what we were eating. Is a biscuit what we call a cracker? I know what a cake is, and over here, you could never mistake the two. So help me out.

Hi Debbie, Biscuits are what you would call cookies - For a fuller explanation of biscuits, visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A386156 A cookie, to us in the UK, is a type of biscuit, but not all biscuits are cookies… Some of us also dunk their biscuits in their tea. For dunking, see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A353206 This also includes a scientific investigation into the dunkability of Jaffa Cakes… Cheers! -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited www.cambridgeonline.net Edited by - EBloom on 2002 Jun 21 16:25:46

Right… a biscuit is hard and crunchy, gingernuts, digestives, these are biscuits. Wait a minute… cookies, americans have cookies right? Well, that kind of texture / food is a biscuit. The issue with Jaffa cakes is that although they have all the hallmarks of cake, they come in biscuit style tube-shaped packaging, and are the same size as most biscuits (we’re talking small cookies here, not those giant US ones!) Indeed, many people would put them in their biscuit tin… (all English people have a biscuit tin…) So with that in mind, how would you classify them???

Hi Debbie and crowd A biscuits is a cookie and a cake is erm ahh err a cake. A jaffa cake looks like a cookie, It has a sponge base, has orangey bit and is half covered in chocolate. But of course it is called a cake and it treated as a cake for UK VAT (Sales Tax) purpose. Paul Baxter

I have to admit I’m confused. Okay, a biscuit is a cookie. But when I was in England, I ate what I thought were “crackers” that I thought were called biscuits. What is a cracker called over there? In America, a cake could never be considered a cookie (biscuit) because cakes are always soft, usually more fluffy; cookies are always firmer and chewier. And they are always very sweet. But I see the dilemma, seems your jaffa cake sounds like it is truly a cake…no wait, over here, it could be either. So you have to go with the government/VAT thing, or else you’ll go crazy. What time is it over there? My day has just begun!!!

I have a great idea!! Someone send me some Jaffa cakes and I’ll send them Hersey chocolates, or something similar!!

So many people answering today I don’t know Friday after noon and nobody has any work to do. Don’t you think it funny how the English and Americans speak the same language but use different words most of the time? I nearly got thrown out of the US once before I even got in by telling immigration that I would be staying for a fortnight. Then an American looked at me gone out when I exclaimed who nicked my pencil. Oh what I wouldn’t give to get my hands on a couple of sticky buns right now!!! Paul Baxter

Ah! This is where things get complex - Yes, crackers also count as biscuits (As in having “Cheese & Biscuits” at the end of a meal), even though they are not sweet like other types of biscuit (ie Cookie-like). It’s 3:40PM in Cambridge. Cheers -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited www.cambridgeonline.net

Well the ins and outs of jaffa cakes have now become the most replied to post on this forum. What gets me about the stats is that only five people have even looked at at post on point of sale equipment but thousends have looked at this. Well debbie I would send you some jaffa cakes but food never ever get through US customs. I surpose the snifer dogs get to eat it all. Paul Baxter

First time I ran into sniffer dogs was in England. Never ran into one in the US. I wanted to give the English sniffer dog a biscuit, but they wouldn’t let me…said it would make them not want to look for bombs anymore. Anyway, probably our wonderful human sniffers would eat them instead. I guess the only post that would be more successful would be about religion or politics!

Part time at the weekends i work for British Airways doing a Load Control job…anyway this weekend i saw a sniffer dog getting trained… he was only an adolescent dog (probably why he was being awkward!) and he clearly couldn’t be bothered to stand up… the customs officer was just dragging him past people on his lead along the shiny floor… It was very funny!!

I tried to explain the whole biscuit - cracker - cookie - jaffa cake thing to friends here. They were, as you can imagine, confused. But we all agreed that even though most of your food isn’t as good as ours, your “biscuits” - in whatever form, are generally better than ours. Take that, Keebler! Debbie

I bet this post gets read most around lunch time. I enjoyed this debate greatly but I also would not be able to give you an opinion on Jaffa cakes since I’ve never seen one. Although if it is fluffy, sweet, and doesn’t take like bread then I’d go with cake. ~Mindi (another female developer)