Jaffa Cakes............

Have you ever left one of those biscuits out for like a month. They don’t change at all. They’re still the same, not fit for human consumption, pieces of foam… Still confused about the whole Fig Roll thing though…

Hmm… in my experience Fig Rolls have always been classed as a ‘laxative’.

So I am beginning to understand, but need some clarification. My Brittish subsidiary has the following records in their Items table: No. Search Description CHOCOLATE DRINK MIX,1 KG. COFFEE ESPRESSO BEANS,1 KG. TOPPING CAPPUCINO,750 G. What should the VAT Posting Group be? Some people take their chocolate really hot, while others like it quite cool. Should the temperature be taken at inventory withdrawl, or at invoice posting time? We have never been able to reconcile properly because of this mess. Pelle

Personally I think you people North of the equator have spent too much time indoors this winter and need to get out in the sun for a while !!! All of this discussion is of course purely academic as anyone with taste (??) will know, TimTams beat Jaffa cakes(aka biscuits) hands down in the afternoon tea stakes. Try this great Australian tradition -no, not pom bashing, thats another tradition - Bite the end off each of the opposite diagonal corners of a Tim Tam. Right…Now dip one of the ends into a hot cup of tead and suck the tea into the Tim Tam…and eat it !!! Almost as good as a cold beer.

Am I the person in the northern hemishpere thinking ‘what the hell is a tim-tam’ right now? Afternoon tea & biscuits, an appreciation of cold beer - you lot aren’t so different from us really, are you?

Talking of dunking biscuits in beverages, I recall hearing about some scientist who got a grant from a biscuit maker to do research into the subject. He was experimenting with length of time, angle of dunk etc. to find the optimum way of dunking your biscuit without it disintegrating into the bottom of the cup. I can’t remember what the result was though, I was laughing too much to hear. Not that I really care anyway because I don’t drink tea or coffee but it’s always nice to know trivia like that. And another culinary tip from John’s Kitchen … slice along a banana, put chocolate in the slit (dark chocolate Toblerone is best IMHO), wrap in foil and then cook on the barbeque. Mmmmmm. <<<Sorry guys, I’ve got a chocolate proble Edited by - JohnP on 2002 May 17 11:07:02

How the hell can you develop software without constant coffee intake?? I’m considering getting a drip myself. Anyway, just to make a lame effort to return to the point of the thread, I’m sure a jaffa cake would behave far more like a cake than a biscuit if dunked in tea. Also, how come no-one has pointed out the obvious - that the product has the word ‘cake’ in its name - a bit of a giveaway, really.


Originally posted by Kbara: Also, how come no-one has pointed out the obvious - that the product has the word ‘cake’ in its name - a bit of a giveaway, really.

I was wondering how long it was gonna take you guys to come to that conclusion :slight_smile: Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Why can’t programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25)

Lars, They are excused. They are Brittish! Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster


Originally posted by Kbara: How the hell can you develop software without constant coffee intake?? I’m considering getting a drip myself.

Well… it’s just a matter of being used to spend about 20 hours a day with your computer. No everyone likes coffe as much (unless you’re refering to a capuccino with wheat cream… :slight_smile: ). About all the jaffa cakes and tim-tam biscuits… i have no idea (as probably a lot of us) what the h*ll they are. I’ll offer myself for an objetive testing of the propierties and differences between those products if someone is wanting to send me a box of each for the technical investigation. :smiley: (i promise to be as objective as i can… but the biggest box will have a better opinion for sure lol). Regards, Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)apertierra@teleline.es

For you poor deprived Poms - Tim Tams a.k.a Penguin biscuits. P-p-p-p-p-p-pick up a Penguin.

This post was so incredibly British, but also one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read. Continue on, please… we Americans aren’t always so stuffy that we can’t appreciate your sense of humor. I do have to admit that after visiting England I can see why there’s all this discussion on bisquits and cakes! You have so many of them!

Aahhh Debbie but this post has been going for quite a long time now… But you do win the award for the firt female i have ever seen post on this forum… I feel i must thank the americans for making it okay to have all you can eat restaurants though… Cheers

Wait a minute, England just got knocked out of the World Cup… and you’re talking about JAFFA CAKES??? Whats wrong with you people. That said, Debbie, good luck to you yankies against Germany this afternoon.

Hello, We have similar conversations to this in our office, discussing the subtle differences between Australia & the UK, with the two Australians who work for us. Perhaps Debbie could suggest a new topic/question & see what the UK membership can make of it? PS: I’m with Kristian - USA for the World Cup! -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited www.cambridgeonline.net Edited by - EBloom on 2002 Jun 21 10:39:46

But to give you my thoughts… Germany leads 1:0 Half-Time, c u in the semi finals… Coffee is mandatory for software work, cold beer is great after work, and cakes, biscuits, chocolate or any other sweets (are all of these sweets?) are good for the blood sugar level at work. Have a nice weekend guys, greetz to Mark in Aussieland, Jörg Joerg R Feldhofen Edited by - Joerg R feldhofen on 2002 Jun 26 16:47:39

Don’t know much about the World Cup (I’m an American female, enough said) but I do know we’re the underdog…but we certainly would love to win!!! From what I hear, Germany would be tough to beat! But what the heck happened to England? I thought they were supposed to win! One small point, Akers, look at what all you can eat restaurants have done for us Americans. There’s an awful low of rolly polly Yankees out there! When I was in England and Italy I noticed you guys aren’t nearly so pudgy, so you’re doing something right, even eating all those biscuits. I’m thinking of a post to start…hmmmn…let me see…I’ll come up with something. Meanwhile, when the US wins, send me a congratulatory post. Debbie

Debbie, the USA has the best female football team in the world, by the way! Sadly, your menfolk are about to let you down, it would seem. Anyway, the English people who are chubby could probably blame it on such wonderful American inventions as the burger and hotdog, so we’re even there.

Aaahhh Debbie… My commiserations to you for losing to Germany… Come over here and join us in our losing misery… Can you bring some of those Hershey bars… I love those cookie and cream ones… And you can have a jaffa cake (biscuit?)…

So we lost? What was the score? I have no radio or anything. I’d love to come commiserate in England! What a joy that would be!!! Cookie and cream hersey bars? I don’t even know what they are! Nor do I know about our female football team, so that tells you something. I do work right next to the world headquarters for the Nestle company…they make chocolate, but we’re not the best chocolate makers in the world. It has to do with wax content. By the way, what is an “NSC” employee…is that a company you work at? I’m in the middle of a conversion to Attain 3.10 from 2.6, and I’m new to the software, as well as new to the company. Wish me luck, heavily customized. Debbie