I've found a couple of errors... what should I do?

I’ve found two errors in Attain 3.60 (Italian). I have checked with my NSC and in turn they have notified Microsoft. Microsoft has aknowledged the two issues (one is peculiar to the Italian way of evaluating the inventory, the second one really seems an error in VAT processing when entering receivables from the purchase journals). Microsoft says they have forwarded the requests to the development teams (Danish and Italian) and they don’t know if and when a fix will be available. I need those fixes (specially the inventory one) and I don’t like don’t like paying my NSC to fix errors in MBS code and then paying it again to remove its corrections and implement MBS’s patches. What should I do now? More generally, what is MBS’s policy to develop fixes? How does it work? Do they prioritize according to the severity of issues? What kind of levels and queues are my requests in? Will I evere see a solution? Regards, Simone

MBS will fix the issues as they prioritize them. End Users or NSC’s tend to have little input on the Priority an issue receives. Sometimes, MBS will release the priority of the issue, but that is usually when they are of high importance and are already in the queue to be completed. As an NSC, I hate to fix MBS’s code when you know there is something coming down the line. The NSC has little choice but to wait until MBS fixes the issue. If the issue needs to be fixed before that, the NSC has to incur a cost to fix it (Employee time) and hence must pass that on to the end user…Nobody ends up winning.

Chris is right… All you can really do is hope and pray that MBS development has these fixes in the cue. If it’s really that important then you as a customer must make the decision to place a value on it and if it’s that important, go ahead and have your NSC fix it.