items with blank UOM

Hi, I have upgraded a Navision 2.01 DB to 3.70, but have noticed the item UOM on the old system is blank with a qty per UOM of 1 for every item. What is the best method for changing the item UOM to ‘EACH’ and a qty per UOM of 1 in the upgraded 3.70 DB, as it won’t allow me to change it on the item card as there are open ledger entries, now they can’t process orders as it errors on the blank UOM. Any help is much appreciated. -Mike

You will have to write a report, that do not run the validation. If you create a report, with the ‘Item Unit of Measure’ as the dataitem, the code could be as simple as: “Item Unit of Measure” - OnAfterGetRecord if "Unit of Measure Code" <> '' then CurrReport.skip; DELETE; "Unit of Measure Code" := 'EA'; Item.get("Item No."); Item."Base Unit of Measure" := 'EA'; Item.Modify; But do this in a test database before running it in LIVE - And do take a backup of live before running it also.