Items Uploaded Using Data Import Export Tools Through Entity Product.


This item is uploaded using Data Import Export Tools Through Entity Product and as you can see type is service but on the database level it is showing Item Type 0 so the on hand quantity updated for this item, so we changed the value to 2 using X++ Job and it is changed successfully and when i add new transactions on this item it not update the on hand quantity so now i want to know why it is uploaded with item type 0 in order to avoid this issue and also i want to remove the value from the on hand quantity for the transactions done on this item while the item type is 0 and all transactions are not posted.


Thank you.

first of all wanted to know , how is the data coming wanted to know the source. What it seems is while importing it is not getting correct value. It is showing zero over there as it is initial value of base enum , it happens when u don’t send correct value by default it takes 0 value in enum