Items updated in Currency Adjust Exch Rate

One of my clients runs the Currency Adjust Exch. Rate batch job on a monthly basis. The job works fine and the Exch. Rate Register shows a summary of the value of the adjustment. However, they need for their management accounts a report that lists each item that has been revalued along with the before and after values of the item. Has anyone else had to achieve anything similar? Would I be best at trying to do something in the Codeunit that does the revaluation (although I’m guessing its impossible to output to a report from within a code unit) or replicating the processing of the code unit in a new report. Certainly, there don’t appear to be any reports that meet this requirement within the standard application. Thanks again for any responses

What version are you using? If you are using a version 2.xx it’s harder to achieve, if you are on 3.xx then it’s a lot easier as the revaluation entries are seperate Detail Ledger Entries. I would try to solve this by creating a new report, showing the amount before the revaluation entry and with the revaluation entry at a specific date, instead of modifying the revaluation process itself. I have done this with a couple of reports, both with version 2 and 3. Saludos Nils

Hi Nils, thanks for the reply. I’ll be looking into developing this for vers 4. I kind of guessed that a report would be the correct approach. I’ll have a look at whats involved. Thanks again

To give you an idea… use one of the “normal” AR/AP reports you are using, and on each ledger entry calculate the remaining amount (LCY) before revaluation with a new record variable for table Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry or Detailed Vendor Ledg. Entry excluding the revaluation for a specific date. The remaining amount (LCY) after revaluation can be the normal flowfield of table 21. Let me know if you need more indications… Saludos Nils

Thanks for that Nils. I’ll have a go and let you know if I have any problems