items purchased with excise but passed to customers without cenvat


We have a purhcase invoice which has excise

The company is trading so they pass it to customers who have cenvat.In this we have no issue,

but there are another type of customers who are non modvat, that is excise cannot be passed to them

In this case if we choos the option without cenvat in sales line , it calculates excise and posting is done

RG23d does not get updated . So one feature is achieved. But the excise whixh is calculated say for example 103 gets added to the customers account, which should actually be in the company’s account, since the customer does not have excise

If the total amount is 1103 1000 should be in customers account and 103 should be in our account

How is this possible.

We are using microsoft dynamcis 2009 classic




Did you ever find a solution to this problem? If yes, would you mind sharing it with us?