Items on order

I have some customers wich I deliver for example only on wednesday, some only on monday and friday etc. I have fixed delivery days.

If a customer has a fixed delivery date on wednesday. One day I enter his order on monday, the other day I enter his order on tuesday, how can I tell AX that the delivery date is wednesday without using sales lead time?

Isnt there somewhere any documentation about ATP, because I think I totally understand it wrong.

The available to promise will calculate when it is possible based upon the sales lead time, and then find out when it can be delivered - so it uses the delivery calendars assigned to customers and vendors to then decide which day is possible - you would need to set ATP up and the appropriate calendars to verify this.

Is there any documentation avaiable on how to set this up right?

Setting up ATP is covered in the Trade and Logisitcis manuals I beleive.

Unfortunately the ATP explained in the trade and logistics manual is minimum. It refers to the manuals in the production series and also there I cannot find anything relevant.

I followed both your advice and did the following:

  1. For order items I changed in InventItemSalesSetup the delivery control to ATP
  2. I removed primary vendors of the items and configured trade agreements for purchase
  3. I connected an item coverage group with calendar Monday on the item
  4. I connected calendar Monday on the Vendor
  5. I set up a leadtime in the vendor trade agreements of 2 days (goods are received on monday, thursday is the maximum order date).

When I run master planning, the order date is always on monday and the delivery date too. The 2 days in the trade agreements puts the order date 2 weeks before delivery. And If I run master planning on tuesday, it schedules the delivery date + 1 week.

My 2 questions are:

  1. Where do I tell AX that I can order till thursday.
  2. What doe the ATP exactly do on the item and where do I configure this part : “You may also want to do order reserve so that the PO which is placed on Wed is not available for SO afterwards”

Thanks in advance.

You have working days ticked in the trade agreement, you have told it you only have a viable calendar on a Monday so it will always be two weeks. Untick it.

The second comment was not mine so I cannot answer, although the planning you are running and the ATP are technically completely separate.

Hey AdamRoue,

The first thing I checked when the dates were incorrect was if working days was ticked in, but it wasnt.

Are you sure I have to select both on the item coverage group and the vendor the monday calendar?

Just to be sure, the order date for my vendor is thursday, delivery is next monday.

Hope you can help me out.

It was over two years ago that I configured this for a user, so no I cannot be 100% sure, but you have working days configured on the trade agreement or the coverage gourp and this then views the calendar in lead time terms, and not just delivery, you want it solely to be delivered on a Monday.

I do know you have to select it on the coverage group and vendor as a calendar, if not it will never suggest a Monday unless by luck the delivery date falls on a Monday.

Ok I am clueless, I’ve tried everything but I still cannot tell AX that thursday is the order date and monday the delivery date. It automatically puts the order date on the next monday and the delivery monday + 1 week.

Monday is the delivery date of the vendor, the day I receive the goods.
For sales i can deliver every day.

Anybody else have any advice?

You have working days configured somewhere in the plan, because this is how it is planning, they may have changed this in 2009 my setup was 4, but ultimately AX is not really designed to do this. Feel free to get help elsewhere it is what the forum is for, but I would suggest you load a new post, no one would touch this post now! I would also suggest you contact Microsoft with your issue.

By the way as I have always saud the thursday is irrelevant, it is the lead time calculation backwards from the delivery date. You need to get it planning on a Monday, at the moment you have working days set and hence the calculation, when it ignores this it will work on teh Monday principle. Any safety margins involved in planning?