Items Inventory Qty Problem

Hello Guys,

I had problem in Add Inventory Qty for “Product”


Hello Vikram,

I am repeating again that Try to give some details about your error as with one liner no body can understand where you are facing this error and in which transaction

Try to be more detail…

What was it?

Detailed Error I am facing:

Check Availablity:
The quantity on inventory is not sufficient to cover the net change
in inventory .Do you still want to record the quantity


No.: 70063
Description: Item Test
Inventory: 0
Gross Requirment: 2
Scheduled Receipt: 0
Current Quantity: 2
Total Quantity: -4
Earliest Availability Date: 1/28/2014
Substitute Exist: No
Unit of Measure Code: BOKS

I need to Update Inventory Qty Directly

There is any option in navision…?


u can go to Item journal and do a positive adjustment for the item.


This is not an error.It is the warning that tells you that you dont have sufficiant quantity in your inventoty.If you select YES for the warning pop up it’s take the quantity.

Open item list in RTC and select your item.Item card page shows how much quantity in the inventory.

I dont know you can direcly enter quantity in inventory.But if you purchase that item and make sales order than this warning is gone.

i.e if you Bicycle = 0 in inventory

1st purchase 100 bicycle.Inventory=100

now sales order 60 bicycle.available bicycle in inventory=40(100-60)


This warning come when you check mark the option on Sales & Receivables Setup ‘Stock out Warning Field’ . This warns when a sale will result in a negative inventory for an inventory item.

This message will not stop you to book the sales as this is not an error .

You have to check the inventory for the given item for selected location in Item card and then book the sales.

To update inventory you can either purchase the item or you can reclassify the item from another locations or you can do the positive adjustment

There is no direct way to put the quantity in item as this is integrated ERP as here every transaction have impact on lot of other things.

Hi Amol,

Please what if I want to disable one of the fields on that warning dialogue(Yes or No).

How do I do that ? In fact I want to disable the Yes button.