Items Get Skipped while running the post Inventory Cost to gl batch job?

what is the reason behind this issue?

if Anybody knows, please help me out on this.

Hi Anuj,
You need to tell a bit more about the issue.
Is there anything special with the items that are getting skipped? Like what is the difference between the items that posts ok, and those who does not?
And did you look at the entries you expected to be posted? Have the been invoiced?

Finally, which version of Dynamics NAV are you having the issue with?

As Erik said you need to be more elaborative about the issue and let us know if any customization did in this batch job for skipping the particular category item.

Hello, Anuj.

1.First of all run Item Cost Adjustment report.

2.After that check:
Check for shipments not invoiced.
Check for receipts not invoiced
Check for open production orders (they won’t be adjusted or posted to G/L until they are closed).

3.Then you run Post Inventory Cost to G/L.

best regards,