Item's coverage group in AX 2009

Dear experts;

i’m getting this error during calculate the pending prices for an item 100020.

infolog: The price for item 100020 Site = was not calculated because this item’s coverage group for this SITE has not been set up.

The site has been set up in inventory management > setup> site

I have checked the item setup > item coverage (no issue)

and the Item > general > coverage group also has been assigned. yet im still getting this error. Can anyone help me?

please highlight if there is any important steps, if I had missed…

Please explain why im getting this error? and how I can overcome this?

Thank you so much.

Just to clarify you are on an item, running the price calculation and it is giving you an error message - could you post it as a screen shot?

Hi Adam,

Yes u are right. im on an item > price > calculation

You will need to get a developer to debug, it looks like a mis-called message. I assume the calculation groups are configures? What costing method is in use for the costing version and if standard do you have costs, and do you have costs and BOM’s/routes at the site you are running the calculation for? It is not an item coverage issue in my eyes :slight_smile:

What Coverage group is attached with this particular item.

if it is a Min-Max coverage group than you have to define the minimum and maximum qty as well.

Deepak - that should have no influence on the cost calculation as standard I believe.