Items by Work Center

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Is there any scope to know that the Consumption Quantity in the Production Journal window is actually available in the selected Work Center ?

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What are you trying to achieve and why? Are you saying you have created routing link codes to tie specific item consumption to the routing and from the production journal you only want linked consumption to a predefined work centre to appear?

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Production Journal Window gives us the consumption journal and output journals into one.

I want to know the quantity which is going to be consumed in a specific Work Center is physically available or not ?

So your location structure mirrors your work centres?

Both are different.

Routing Link code will help us to show which raw materials are being consumed in which Work Center and which finished/Semi-finished goods are to be produced in which Work Center.

But How to know that the raw materials are available or not in the Work Center ??

  1. It does not work this way

  2. If locations are different to work centres how would it ever work? You are not holding stock by work centre, there is no work centre location relationship, and even if there was it would be irrelevant. So if you are not holding stock by work centre how would you even expect the system to show you the stock

  3. By the time it is on the production journal it is not “available” anyway, it should be allocated to the production order in real terms as it is needed, but this depends upon your definition of available.

Basically it does not work this way because it does not need to do so. You need to modify it and you need to consider how to structure this, what actually constitutes it being available in a work centre for example, because you do not hold stock in this manner in the system

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All the WC are in the Production Floor Location. Raw mat. are coming from Main Store ( Alos a Location) to Production Floor . WC receives raw mat. from the Production Floor.

The client wants note this info. how can NAV do this ?

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I read the postings, but I couldn’t realise what exactly you aim at? But anyway, if you want to know in advance whether you have all the necessary components at the location you consume them from - there is a standard report Production Order - Shortage List (Manufacturing > Execution > Reports).

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Hi! I was just looking for any tips regarding locations for work centres. Maybe you can help.

I’m trying to allocate and consume materials from the location settled for the WC. Is this possible?

I set the formulla’s line as ‘consume WC’ and indicated de specific operation. The route operation is for a WC with specific location.

Hope you can understand my need. Thanks!!