Items By Location Error

Hi Pple Just wondering if you encounter this following problem: In the items by location window, our client wants to assess their individual stock location inventory. At the same time they want to compare their qty on purchase order and sale order. What I have done is add the two fields on form 491. However, I realised that there seems to be 2 problems. 1. The qty on the sales / purchases order is sometimes not updated (incorrect) 2. There is a flow filter set on one of the location filter (which I cannot remove). Can anyone provide any solutions? Thanks.

Hi nova, 1. as far as i know the Qty. on Sales Orders does not include those already shipped 'cause the flowfield loads on the Outstanding Quantity. 2. insert 2 variables and call them QtyOnSales and QtyOnPurch and throw in the following code OnAfterGetRecord Item.get("Item No."); Item.calcfields("Qty. on Sales Order", "Qty. on Purch. Order"); QtyOnSales := "Qty. on Sales Order"; QtyOnPurch := "Qty. on Purch. Order"; and display those two variables instead of the fields. Thats what i would do.