Items based on Customers Specification

Hi all, In navision is there any provision for the items that has to be ordered based on customers specification…means one item one Sales Order…no order of the same item occurs second time… every time the user has to make the new item??? or any… any idea… Thanx. Sachin…

Have you tried using resouces insted of Items?

How it can be possible using Resources? Actually Customers send Purchase Order alongwith Items spefications,Item Drawings with dimensions…and that dimensions is varied item to item…and may be some other variable parameters… So how can we map that??? Thanx… Sachin.

Hi Sachin Sounds like you design to order, I would recommend a new item per order then, unless you want to modify the changes off the item - but this has to then push through all relevant areas.

Hi…thanx… But if we create a New Item per Sales Order…how can we track the Items as Item Master table is growing and growing… Suppose if i create 5000 Sales Order per year…the Items will be 5000 and it will difficult to find the items if we have got the Sales Order with the same Items means repeating items… Can you give me other suggesion…b’cas majority of the industries asks for such provision… Pls…thanx in Advance… Sachin…

For repeating items use Item “Variants”.

HI Sachin If the item is the same, do not create a new one. If the item is always customer specific, you do not need to create a new one. You need a form of version control depending upon your situation, but maybe handled by the Production BOM’s. Variants may assist, but I am unsure, your requirements sound more complex. Ultimately if you can never have the same item going through the shop floor in different versions to different customers your life will be easier, if this is not the case and multiple versions exist for mutliple customers, your growing item table is a downside of the flexibility offered.

Hi Sachin, I think what you are talking about is variants. you can create different Variants per Item. So based on the sales order, you can use the same item and different Variant. We had a client, who had the similier kind of requirement, They sell plastic sheets and rods and if the buyer wants the sheet in piencs, they will sell them as pieces by using Width, length and Thinkness of the sheet. they use the same item with different size dimensions (Width, Length, Thichness). We customise them by creating three new fields in the “Item Varinat” table called width, Length and Thickness. Then same fields were created in the documents (e.t. sales line, purchase line etc). this is a highly complex situation, where you have to modify lot of places in Navision including documents, postings etc., This way you need not to create a saperate Item per order, but you can use the same item and just put the Size dimensions in the sales order and post them through your ledger entries. you can manage you inventory by size dimension as well. Hope this will help. If you need more on this modification, I can give you more details. Naveen Jain

Hi Naveen My impression was it was something greater in differentiation, for instance the item number is boat - one customer wants a 10ft long blue one with 2 oars, whilst another wants and 80ft speedboat with built in bar and hostess. Same item, different customer specification!