ItemId,Colour,Size,Config Wise Grouping with MULTIPLE Filters from DialogBox

Hello friends,

I m working on a report in which USER will apply a flter of multiple prodId (like ProdId1,ProdId2,ProdId3 …) from DialogBox

then ‘logic’ will do grouping of ItemId, InventColorId,InventSizeId,ConfigId based on the relation of ProdBom and InventDim…

then i will take grouped record of ItemId, InventColorId,InventSizeId,configId as a reference will fetch quantity (QTY) required to finish prodId/ProdIds applied by the user.

It is very easy with ““SINGLE”” FILTER …

here is my logic

will take 2 DataSource – ProdBom and InventDim

then group by ItemId ,colour,size,config

then i will write my code in execution section of InventDim Body

ProdBom _prodBom;

InventDim _inventDim;

Qty _qty;

_qty = 0;

while select QTY from _prodBom

join _inventDim

where _prodBom.InventDimId == _inventDim.inventDimId

&& _inventDim.InventColor == InventDim.InventColorId

&& same for size

&&same for config

&& _prodBom.prodId == Applied filter of ProdId from DialogBox

how can i achieve same thing with multiple filters of ProdId like p1,p2,p3,p4,

Help me ASAP


Kindly provide solution of my problem