ItemCode generation using dialog class in itemmaster form


In item master form while creating new item the dialog should call and dialog should contain three fields Prefix Item-group and Post-fix,after filling these fields if i click ok the item code should generate with the number-sequence generation should start with 00001 for each item-group.first time if we selecetd television item-group the numseq should be 0001 second time again selecting same item-group numseq should be 00002 the numseq be unique for all item group.


This required customization .Kindly elaborate more the requirement in detail

In ItemDetails form while creating new item the dialog should open here the dialog should be created with class dialog.The dialog contains three fields prefix ItemGroup and Postfix.Manually user will enter Prefix and postfix fields and Itemgroup should come from lookup. first time if we selecting television itemgroup then the numbersequence has to generate as 0001 next time if we selecting other Itemgroup the numbersequence should be 0001.again we selecting television itemgroup the number sequence should be 0002. here the itemcode generation should me Prefix Itemgroup numbersequence Postfix.ex in dialog if we entered Prefix as UBZ and selected itemgroup is Television and Postfix isIMP then itemno should be UBZTelevision0001Imp should display on itemno field in form.

here i had created dialog with class by adding Prefix Itemgroup and Postfix and if i am clicking new button the dialog is opening but i am not getting how to set numbersequency for each itemgroup without generating numbersequency i tried to display prefixitemgrouppostfix in itemno field but entered values are storing in table but it is not showing in formfield. Please anyone clarify my doubt.

Thanking You.

Is your Requirement related to Dynamics AX or NAV?

Its related to Dynamics Ax.

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Refer to number sequence code for Fixed assets Group