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We often charge our customers for the costs of transportation on the invoices. Until this moment, the Sales Department has the possibility to use G/L lines to put these amount on invoices. To prevent abuse of the ledger accounts, we’re thinking about creating an item that hasn’t a value and causes no lines in the inventory table. We use Navision Attain 3.60. Is there a possibility to create such an item?

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If you look at first column in Sales Invoice/Order called Type - there is an option Charge (Item).

This one is intended just for these needs, create the necessary unmaterial Items here, for example Transportation cost or Packaging expenses, or whatever you need.

Thanks for your quick reply. We tried this solution, but we get the message that we have to assign the line to delivery lines. And most of the time these invoices are made after the transportation (and invoicing) took place. So there aren’t delivery line to refer to. Is there a possibility to get around this assigning?

No, you must always assign Charge (Item) to delivery lines, BUT that doesn’t mean that these lines must be in the same SO :slight_smile:

For example, you may have a SO containing only one (or several) line of type Charge (Item) an no other lines at all. In Item Charge assignment form under Functions there is Get Shipment Lines - it will open a form with Sales Shipment Lines for the same customer to select for assignment.

Its common business practice that such additional costs as transportation costs etc are billed later, and method above allows you to accomplish the task easily.

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Again, thanks! We tried this option and indeed, it works [;)] Hopefully this will end our problems.

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It is possible to use items without value; in table 27 (Item) there is a field called “Inventory Value Zero”. By checking this field, the “item” will be posted as normal, but without any Cost Amount at all.

Now and then such an item has to be zero’ed as postings will casue negative/positive stock (sales/purchase) - but it is not a demand.

The field is not shown on standard forms, don’t know why. Just as “Description 2”… [:|]