Item visibility restriction by user wise.

Dear Folks,

Kindly suggest on the below scenarios…

  1. My client is having 4stores and a Head office, few of the items need to be seen only in the head office, not in other stores we are using Nav version 2015.

  2. How can I restrict the user in viewing the few fields like purchase price need not be seen by few of the users likewise?

kindly give a valuable suggestion thanks in advance.

In the user setup create boolean fields and assign the value to true only for the user who need to see the fields and on the respective page create a variable to check if the user has permission in user setup table and use the Visible and Enabled property to assign the variable you declare on the page. If the user has permission in user setup then it will be visible else it will not be visible.

One thing I forgot to mention, you have to check for the boolean field you create on the page on 2 triggers OnOpenPage and OnAfterGetRecord.

Thank u soo much for you suggestion it helped me…

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