Item variant wise pricing

Hello All,

Is there any way to setup Item Sales price variant wise.

Ex: Spare part item A have different prices when grouped with Main item B1,B2,B3

A - B1 combination price is Rs.x

A-B2 combination price is Rs.y

Is there any way to define this or it need complete customization. All suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

How you have defined your items? Is these B1 and B2 are BOM’s and A is the raw material for that?

No both B1 & B2 are items.

Ex: One mobile battery(spare part) can be fitted with Nokia’s C3 & C5 both. But the company internally follows a different pricing for battery. When used with C3- price Rs.100, while with C5- Rs.200.

Hope i have explained your query.

Ok based on the use , the price of the item is going to change.

Then use one of the inventory Dimension for the item and you can have prices with item and dimension combinations.