Item Variant Code

Has anyone experience the problem where the variant description populates the description on Sales Order, Purchaser Order etc. I do not want the description to be overridden and was wondering how I can’t go about fixing this.

Hi, On which version you are working. In 3.6 it’s working fine.Even it overwritting the description you can check the OnValidate event of Variant Code of Sales Line(id-37), purchase line(id-39) etc.

I tried that but still it didn’t work. Any other suggestions …do let me know.

What navision version?

Attain 3.6

Look at codeunit 57002 Dist. Integration functions EnterSalesItemCrossRef and EnterPurchaseItemCrossRef.

I think you have to comment following C/AL Code: Table 37 field 5402 OnValidate trigger. ItemVariant.get("No.","Variant Code"); Description := Itemvariant.Description; "Description 2" := Itemvariant."Description 2";