Item Upload with Variant

Dear all,

we are into retail industries where we also have fashion items and this items come with variants.

we want to upload this item with excel instead of creating manually.

can anyone help us to upload this items directly in AX rather then creating manually.

awaiting for your favorable response.

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Please always mention your version of AX (ideally add appropriate tags to your questions). The answer will be very different for AX 2009 and AX 2012, for example.

Dear Mr. Martin,

thank for your quick response.

i am sorry that i havent mentioned the version of AX, currently we are using Dynamics AX 2012 R2 version and we have upgrade it from Dynamics AX 2012 R version.

while uploading normal items without variants is ok but still invent module table we are not able to upload due to RecID, so we our implementation team has provided the jobs to update all items from excel.

now we are trying to upload items with variants and not getting any result.

EcoresProductMaster is getting uploaded after that which table has to uploaded we dont have information.

so if possible you can help us to solve this issue so it will be easy for our user to upload directly in the system instead of creating manually.

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skype ID:- hacker_ng

Hi Husain,

please refer the following link, it might help you.

any thing required please contact me.

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The Data Import Export Framework contains an entity for product variants out of the box (see Data import/export framework entities). It should be the easiest way.

Dear Mr. Martin,

thanks for your reply.

but i am new to AX 2012 R2 and i am not a developer or technical. so i am not able to understand this data import/export frame work.

can you please provide me the detail table name which has to upload.

thanks & regards.


The framework is there exactly for the purpose that you don’t have to understand the data model, to deal with relations over RecId etc. You would need it only if you wanted to develop a new entity, but that’s not your case. You are just a user using existing entities.

You say that the framework is too difficult for you. But do you really believe that manually reimplementing what the framework already does will be easier?

Dear Mr. Martin,

i really don’t understand what you are saying.

but still thank you for your support.

thanks & regards

It’s really nothing difficult - you’ll import data to a flat staging table and AX will do all the difficult things in its database. You may need some changes in your data or a mapping, though, as usual when migrating data.

Find more in Data import/export framework user guide. You’ll have to learn something new, of course, if you want to work with AX 2012.