Item type / urgent

Hi , If I have Barcodes for ITem type standard ? what I have to do ? thank you

In which procedures do you want to implement bar codes?

Can you please provide more information with your posting? Bar codes and coding is a big subject. Briefly: identify the type of bar code to be used; do you need to print or read bar codes? look at the Item Card and the Cross-References function - here you can store (many) bar codes per item. if you want to print you will need to beg/steal/borrow the correct font.

Hi , Great bosses … i will explain for you I have retail items having barcodes … we are implementing them by entring different barcode to each item and variant … this okay … great But My problem is : I have wholesales items will have Barcodes … If the type is standard … then I get this message during entering barcodes… It’s not allowed to define a barcode for item type standard . Some body suggest to put for all items retail type… Really i don’t like the idea … If you need mor explanation pls ask me …

jouhayna, are ou running standard Navision, this sounds as though you have customizations or an addon that is doing this?

Hi david , Yes we are running standard Navision due to inventory. What do you mean … we have customization or add on… How standard Navision must work … Please tell me … & Pls clear for me what is the main role of this field( item type )?? thank you for every one who try to help

What is the field number for Item Type? Are you absolutely certain you have no mods?

field no. is 99001450 you mean the standard navision can’t stopped me to enter barcodes to standard types? Any way I want to know also the main role of this field and the affect of it ? thank you David for your help

The object numbers in Navision are very important, and they mean something. (This applies to fields as well). The list below is just a qquick summary, If someone ants they could post the full list of object numbers, but this gives you an idea…

  • 1…9,999 are Navision base object. Within this range there used to be a system as well, but that has all but gone.
  • 10,000…19,999 - International localization objects
  • 20,000…49,999 - Navision Base objects
  • 50,000…50,099 - Designer Objects
  • 50,100…99,999 - NSC developer objects
  • 6,000,000…6,999,999 - Old AddOn Number Range
  • 10,000,000…29,999,999 - AddOn Number Range
  • 99,000,000…99,999,999 - No idea why, but manufacturing and other stuff that seems to have come from AddOns that Navision bought (even though some of those objects are in the 1,000…9,999 range
  • 2,000,000,000…?? - system and virtual objects.
    So basically you need only to wory about three type os object numebrs: 50,000…99,999 these are modes doen for you by your NSC. 6,000,000…29,999,999 these are AddOns that you purchased to enhance your system. The rest are Navision Base objects, and its not important to you why they have that number. As you see you number fits int he Standard objects, but it is not a county specific mod, and it is not in the base app, so basically. I have no clue as to what its about. The only thing I can assume is that your Local NTR somehow created the field for some feature that you have. Or somehow an AddOn, maybe a POS system has been moved into that range.

Hi David, thank you for you help Great you did really help me to reach my solution . this field yes is related to pos . But I want to leave POs now away . I want only to know that I can enter Barcodes from… Item card… cross references … cross reference type = barcode reference type no. = blank … reference no. = 9999999999 ( the barcode no. ) Question 1 : is this right ?? to implement it in this way ? I am talking now about Item cross reference table . Question 2 : What are the main role of this field Cross-Reference Type if I choose Barcode type ? Question 3 : How can I use it through invoices ? thank you in advance