Item Transfer

Hi All You will probably notice some terms which are used improperly, but I’m not usually situated in the admin. department. I’m having trouble transferring items from one location to another, if I don’t have enough items in the source location. I know it doesn’t make sense to transfer Items which aren’t there, but sometimes we run with a negative inventory quantity. I get an error, but all other places ( which I know of ), it’s possible to have a neg. quantity. Is it just a policy from Navision, or an actual problem. Best regards Henrik

Hi Henrik Assuming this is navision and you are not doing this from the manufacturing environment and assuming you are not utilising item tracking in any manner then you can go negative. Actually you may have an issue if you have NAD or warehouse management switched on, I would have to check. What is the error you receive?

You don’t say which version you are using, but I know this applies to 2.60 (and probably forward, but I haven’t checked). Navision has a restriction coded that you can’t transfer product into negative inventory. This is independent of Warehouse Management, etc. as you will get this error on a straight Item Journal of Type Transfer. This was done for costing, so that entries can be directly linked when the posting is done. If you look at the Item Ledgers created from a Transfer, sometimes there are more than one Positive Entry (one for each ILE applied to), If you were allowing negatives, these multiple entries would not be created. This is not to say it is not possible to break the link (it’s actually too easy)…There are just some ramifications to doing it.

Take a look at the ‘Transferring items from location to location’ Topic, could help.

Hi Henrik In standard Navision you can not transfer stock into negative or transfer stock if the quantity is already negative. There would be implications for Cost of Goods sold and stock values if you could. However, Navision does allow you to sell into negative stock and also do stock adjustments into negative. If you wnat to transfer stock into the negative you can do a negative adjustment from the source location and a positive adjustment in the target location. Cheers Peter

Hi Guys! I need to transfer goods from from location ( in Comapny A) to another location ( in company B). Company A use CAD dollars and Company B use USD dollars. How to do that?? Thanks

Hi Tatiana The transfer journals as standard are within a company. I owuld recommend doing this as a negative and a positive transaction, if it simply is a stock movement with no costing/charging implications. If you wanted this automated we are going back to the previous topic of inter-company transacting which I would guess would require a fair amount of customisation.[:(]