Item Transaction Receipt and Issue Column Ax 2009

Hi Guys,

Can anybody explain the difference between Column Receipt (Purchase) & Column Issue (Sold) in Item transaction.

I just noticed that every time I create and post a transaction in movement journal in Inventory Module then view the transaction in a particular item the status under Column Issue is SOLD. While when I am creating transaction in Item Journal in Project Module then view the transaction the status under Column Receipt is PURCHASE.

Kindly explain the difference between the two, has it something to do with the set up?

Thank you in advance.

The receipt is for inbound transactions, whilst the sold is for outbound, the different statuses in the field reflect what is happening, so on an outbound sales order when it is loaded and you have reservations turned on it would be “Physically Reserved” as an example. It is simply how the system reflects the stages of inventory transactions.

Thanks Adam for explaining.

But, how about in project module > item journal. Every time I created a transaction, the PURCHASED status appears even if I enter a negative quantity. What would be the reason why the ax still tagging it as PURCHASED where in fact I am releasing item consumed by the project?

Thank you very much,