Item tracking serial numbers and BOM's

To start, I am using NAV2009.

I have a new item that will actually be a combination of two existing items. Those two items are serial number tracked. In testing the functionality, I have decided the new item will need to be serial number tracked as well. I know how to trace the serial numbers to find out where the item was sold to and/or returned. This tracing also shows the two WIP (for lack of better term) serial numbers. If you process a bill of material for more than one of the new item, then your tracing shows every WIP serial number that was processed for that day as being part of that new item. That new item should only have two WIP items included.

I absolutely cannot process BOM’s one at a time on different days. We are in the business of hearing aids and are required to track them with serial numbers by the US government. I need to be able to serialize this new item but also trace it back to the original WIP serial numbers.