Item Tracking Project / Lot Warehouse Tracking

i have a very important specific question … I need an answer from somebody who has experience in warehouse + item tracking functionality + manufacturing

we are working now on items without using item tracking functionality plus using the warehouse management system from pick to putaway to all other fuctionalities related to WMS .

Now our company has been decided to use item tracking project .

Can i use item tracking fuctionality without clicking on Lot Warehouse Tracking in Item tracking code form 6502… even we are using WMS functionality.

we will have split in item ledger entries due to lot nos. … but i will have Bin not related to any Lot nos or we cannot do any lot filter on bin contents… Is this acceptable ?.

You know we cannot click on Lot Warehouse Tracking in form 6502 because the item has already previous ledgers . and the aim of using item tracking now is only to track to the level of warehouse and not to the level of bins .

i tried the procedure and it worked fine , and when doing production order and create whse pick, i am enetring only the item tracking line on production journal . sothat the pick will not be affected . Is this possibe ? Will i face any future problems ?

It’s hard to explain … but any more question don’t hesitate to ask .

Please can any body help in this case

I will post my question in easier way ?

What is the disadvantage of not using LOT SPECIFIC NO. and LOT warehouse Tracking in Item tracking code card?

What if i do the following setup in item tracking code card ----> what i will have as a side affect ?

§ Lot specific tracking = No

§ Lot no. Info Must Exist = yes

§ Lot Purchase tracking =yes

§ Lot positive Tracking Adjmt = yes

§ Lot Negative adjmt Tracking = yes

§ Lot Manufacturing Tracking = yes

§ Lot warehouse Tracking = No

§ Lot Transfer Tracking = yes

thank you

Please help

Here is the REPLY ---------> If u did not Place check mark then system automatically will take first Lot number even u select manually. For example : 01/01/01 Purchase receipt Qty = 1 , Lot No = 100 02/02/02 Purchase receipt Qty = 1 , Lot No = 200 03/03/03 Purchase receipt Qty = 1 , Lot No = 300. On 04/04/04 u want to sales QTY = 1 Lot No = 300( U selected the Lot no Manually) & post . Now create the one more sales order check the Lot number then system shows the Lot Availabilit = 200, 300 That means system will take the Lot number automatically.