Item Tracking Modification

Hi, I am new in navision. I have problem with item tracking scenario. For example, In a car distributor company, the company would need to record each chasis number of each car from the purchase from vendor to the sale to customer; all cars have unique chasis numbers even though they’re of the same model. From my opinion, this can be handled by assigning an Item Tracking Code in the item card. This way, every posting of purchase & sales of the item (car) enforces serial number (ie. chasis number) entries. However, If the company were to modify one particular car (eg. changing seats, repainting, etc.) which would lead to the increase of unit cost of that particular car, how can I make & trace this kind of information using Item Tracking? Is it possible? I intended to define variant, but in sales order, variant and serial no. for item tracking seem to be mutually exclusive. So, there’d be normal unit price for the model, but then for a particular unit (ie. a particular item tracking entry of which serial no. is the chasis no.) of the model, there’d be a modification description (eg. change of color/accesories) and different price. If anyone knows solution to this problem, please advise. Thank you very much.

Hi Hadi Lai, After reading your query this is what I assume. You should treat the Car as a BOM and the other Parts like Chasis, Seats…etc as a Component of the BOM. Treating Additional Cost: when there is some additional cost for 1 car (BOM) for instance repair for a Chassy, you should enter that cost in the Sales order as Item charges, so that this cost is Item charge Cost for the Car (BOM) Tracking the Cost: You can view “Value enteries” in Item Card under ITEM Tab, but it just shows you the Unit Cost and not the Item Charges. Item Charges can be viewed in posted Sales Oreders, click Preview. You can create extra coloumn in Value enteries as “Show Item Charges” and in this way you can track Extra Cost for each Item. I hope my answer will you give you some Idea to solve your Query. Thanks & Regards, Naviworld Thailand Co.,ltd.

Hi Veenep Reedy, I tried your suggestion… and I think that’s what I’m trying to solve. Thank you very much for your help. Regards, Hadi Lai